Commercial Objectives

Our Main Objective is be the place of meeting commercial most appropriate and dynamic of All America, so our users can make purchases on-line every day as well as the Great International Business, in an atmosphere of security, trust and comfort from your computer.

We have teams of specialized professionals dedicated to marketing ongoing study on Technology, communication and management, to convert the E-Commerce and secure a strategic solution, applied to trade throughout the Americas, in two versions:

  • B2C (Business to Consumer) - Retail
  • B2B (Business to Business) - Wholesale

For this we decided to give the best and biggest commercial response to the visitors of our community, so we adhere to the major American networks such as Red Comercial del Sur - REDCOSUR and Rede Comercial do Sul - REDCOSUL to work together in Technological Development and Business Management, forming the largest trading network throughout the Americas, with the clear aim of giving the best answer for the benefit of Electronic Commerce.

Now, small and medium enterprises are able to enter the Big Business of Our Hand Commercial Communities Network, which has become one of the key factors of business competitiveness, technological innovation and adaptation to International Electronic Commerce.

Mercosur Sites

Mercosur Sites