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Internet is an excellent communication tool that was consolidated as the most important network for all mankind, with multiple applications that make the development and welfare of all people in the world who want to use.

Commercially, we can not assess the possibilities offered by Internet as well as we can not take into account the risk you run when you think about the misuse for criminal activities that have occurred in this Important World Market.

We all know how difficult it is to control this large network and the need to expedite transactions between companies in all America, as well as the security needed by the user to the moment to do his shopping by internet.


Comunidad E-commerce was created to institutionalize Electronic Commerce, strengthening the links between business and consumers of all America with very clear rules and controls on-line, organized by the community, with the fundamental premise of the best and Coexistence Commercial Loyalty in all transactions.

For this we have the control systems, mediation, on-line monitoring and technology in commercialization of the most important networks of America as are REDCOSUR and REDCOSUL, as well as we have strategic alliances with major Commercial Communities in Internet, conforming the greater Commercial Network in all America. Offering our users an environment of security, confidence and comfort to make purchases on-line via the Internet.

REDCOSUR - Red Comercial del Sur

REDCOSUR conjunction with REDCOSUL up the first commercial network with a presence throughout the Americas, which provides Next Generation Technology, Management and Control on-line marketing service on the Internet, in the following ways.

  • B2C - Business to Consumer.
  • B2B - Business to Business.
  • B2E - Business to Employee.
  • B2G - Business to Government.
  • B2B2C - Business to Business to Consumer.
  • B2N2C - Business to Network to Consumer.

Ensuring security, reliability and convenience for consumers and business. Organizing, controlling and mediating their transactions with the International Commercial Community.


Last Websites

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Linea Modas - Negocio de Muestra This is a SAMPLE BUSINESS so they can see how it works and its general characteristics. You can try it without fear that the sale will not be completed.
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Address:Rua Vieira Portuense 600, AP 51 - 04347080 - São Paulo - Brazil
Address:rua do ouvidor, 121 - 20040031 - Rio do Janeiro - Brazil
Address:rua do ouvidor, 121 - 20040031 - Rio do Janeiro - Brazil
Address:rua do ouvidor, 121 - 20040031 - Rio do Janeiro - Brazil

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